From time to time themes pop up at gatherings and / or in the numerous conversations we have with individuals that focus our attention on something God wants to address.  Soul Action’s initial response is to research, to meet one to one and then to gather for conversation and prayer.  The story of how advocacy, a market, employment, events, films, funding, government policy, jewellery, relationships, resources and training emerged from gathering to pray about Counter Human Trafficking is a prime example.




ABallitos well as gathering to share and pray, Soul Action is a big believer in pilots, to test an approach, project or theme, before formalising it.  Soul Action has recently – since March 2015 – been piloting ‘church in reverse’ (working title), meeting local business leaders / owners to explore how to find and release some of the potential we believe businesses have to address inequality.


Soul Action’s Education Program currently benefits 2500 children daily.  Beginning with a pilot in one school in 2009, by 2011 it was benefiting 600 children in two schools, and by 2012 one thousand children.  In 2013/14 a decision was made to train and mentor teachers – again a pilot was initiated in six schools with 17 teachers.  You can track the progress of our Education and other Programs via our Blogs.