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At the start of the year, Soul Action was approached by a local church leader to see whether we could help with an initiative they were calling ‘Impact Sunday’.  Rather than meet for worship and teaching, he wanted his congregation to get out and make a difference to the city.  Although there are lots of projects linked to Soul Action’s Network that would have benefited from such assistance, as we discussed this idea as a wider team we began to imagine what kind of impact 500 pairs of hands – the size of the church’s congregation – could have on the city as a whole.  We spoke to some of our friends in local government to see how they would feel about 500 volunteers cleaning the streets, and received an extremely positive response:

“Wonderful idea. I’m sure the City will support it.”

Genevieve Hartley, eThekwini Municipality

After a series of meetings between Soul Action, Imagine Durban, DSW, and leaders from His People – where we discussed resources and areas of greatest need – we held our first Impact Sunday on March 18th.  ‘First’, because the hope is that what happened in March was a glimpse of what’s possible when the church leaves the building and grapples with what the Kingdom looks like practically.

On the  day itself, volunteers from His People turned up in hundreds and the Municipality supplied gloves, bags, brushes, rakes, and trucks to remove the rubbish.  It was surprising what a difference we made – and it was fun!

The coordinating team met again in April to debrief and think about potential next steps.  Soul Action can already imagine what Durban would look like if every church connected to Soul Action’s Network took at least one Sunday to impact their immediate surroundings.

“…we are excited about this, as this will encourage others to do likewise in taking ownership of our city.”

Genevieve Hartley, eThekwini Municipality

If you like more information about how you, your project and / or church could become involved in the next ‘Impact Sunday’ email or call 0799204591

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