Imagine a Christmas Market

Imagine a Christmas Market

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After several individual conversations on trafficking, Rachel and I decided to gather people together to share, pray and explore the potential for greater collaboration. At our first meeting, on Oct 18th 2012, which coincidently just happened to be international Anti Human Trafficking (AHT) Day, God spoke very clearly about the need to meet regularly, to listen, to wait and trust that things would emerge. True to His word, the subject of finding alternative sources of income for survivors of trafficking came up at Feb’s meeting. Rachel, having heard from a pastor linked to Soul Action’s Network about a woman making jewellery out of bits of bark ‘connected the dots,’ and – to cut a long story short – a group of ladies are now making jewellery from things they find in the streets and parks near to where they once worked: fallen nature literally being restored, on so many levels. A lack of suitable crafting tools came up at the next AHT meeting, at which point one of the guys attending organised for church members to send kitted out tool boxes complete with handwritten prayers to each lady. It was at this point that Soul Action (UK) were visiting us to film AHT work in the city. To view their short film ‘Make a STAND’ – how poverty can lead to slavery and our call, as the Church, to make a stand against injustice, Click Here.

By listening to God and one another, its amazing to see what’s emerged!


As we’ve continued to pray & talk with others we began to imagine a market offering opportunities to emerging business women & men, a market where they can generate income & learn from the basic business experience of selling their home-made, hand-made or crafted products.

IMAGINE a market like that!

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