Hope May Market

Hope May Market

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Beads, bags and biryani …… cushions, cakes and candles ……. jewellery, journals and jumping castle … and loads more were all on sale at our Hope Market.

This is a non-profit, community development initiative that seeks to offer opportunities to emerging business men and women to generate income and learn from the basic business experience of selling their home-made, hand-made or crafted products.

It was an exciting morning with lovely sunny weather and a steady stream of customers. Even the strong wind did not spoil the festive atmosphere.

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Over the next few weeks/months, I need to take the time to reflect on the next steps for the business stream. Do we need to do more detailed training? Who should we be working worth and what should it look like?

I definitely would like to gather the established NPOs and NGOs that work with communities in empowering through skills and business training.

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