Hope Market Reflection

Hope Market Reflection

In a previous post we spoke about our first Christmas Market and how we felt it was a huge success.  See for yourself:

Hope Market, Christmas 2013 from Integral Mission South Africa on Vimeo.

Not satisfied with what ‘we felt’ we decided to gather some of the entrepreneurs together to evaluate, discuss and pray through where we go from here. We began with everybody sharing what they wanted to celebrate.

And people shared how it was an opportunity to, gauge people’s reactions to products – a great learning process, make money, meet the community (customers), promote NGO’s and how Christian’s are addressing poverty, market products, build relationships and network with other entrepreneurs and to gain new experiences.

We then thought about some of the ways we could build on last years Market. Some of the feedback included:

  • Make it longer, e.g. 09h00 – 14h00
  • Advertise in newspaper, radio, the roadside
  • Think about an Easter, July, mid-November market,
  • Live music was excellent, but how about sung carols?
  • Have a PA profiling projects in between the live music
  • Continue the training to take us to another /next level
  • Continue to create space for sharing and constructive feedback that feels safe but that’s not too comfortable

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