Thursday 17th October

Thirty-one individuals representing 15 organisations from Soul Action’s and the Container Ministry Network gathered for a morning of business training as part of our new initiative working with emerging business men and women.

The morning began with a buying, making and selling game illustrating the basics of business, expenditure & saving, after which, stall holders were introduced to the 6 P’s of marketing – Product, Promotion, People, Price, Place and Passion.


Dave (Grace Family Church), Leigh-Anne (LIV Children’s Village) and Phil (Soul Action) acted out a drama / skit to emphasise the importance of ‘Product’ and ‘Presentation.’ Leigh-Anne presented herself well, with great produce, clear signage and a helpful manner, Dave was just awful in all aspects – scruffy, on his phone, chewing gum and disinterested, with a poorly presented stall. Phil did the ‘buying’ and followed up by drawing out learning points on some of the 6P’s. Soul Action’s Diane Fick helped stall holders to think how lessons from the skit related to the stall holders and how they might apply what they’d seen / learnt to themselves. Some of the points that were highlighted included the importance of quality, quantity, competitive pricing, good customer relations, attractive presentation, being able to describe the project clearly and the need for passion.

After time to share and look at each others products – which caused great excitement in the room – Phil and Dave finished with some tips on costing’s.

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