Hope and Dreams

Hope and Dreams

January 2011

literacy-jan-11Durban’s Summer holidays are over and schools started back on January 19th. As a literacy team we will start working with the children on February 1st so we have used this last week and a half to plan, to meet with the teachers we will be working, and to consider the Hopes, Dreams and Challenges we face as a literacy team, as we work with both the children and teachers, with the aims of:

  • empowering children to reach their full potential by learning to read and write in English
  • equipping existing teachers to teach children to read and write in English through modelling, team-teaching
  • developing appropriate resources, and lesson plans

Our Hopes:

  • All the children make progress in literacy
  • Teachers develop ownership of the programme
  • A sense of unity develops with the bigger team
  • To gain more knowledge through relevant training
  • To implement the Child Protection Policy we’ve developed
  • To have time for teamwork activities
  • To remain healthy throughout the year
  • To increase in capacity
  • The opportunity to pass on what we’ve learnt to others

Our Dreams:

  • To increase in capacity
  • To share what we do with other organisations
  • To find similar projects that we can share with & learn from

Our Challenges:

  • To put the Child Protection Policy into practise
  • To be careful that we don’t become over stretched
  • The start of term, as children are getting familiar with the programme

Mpume (above left) and Kholiswa (above right) are also developing Personal Development Plans, considering their objectives, personally, intellectually, spiritually and socially, and what they are going to do to achieve their objectives. Please pray for Mpume as she is training to be a social worker and is going into her fourth year, and Kholiswa as she starts training to be a teacher.

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