‘Glocal’ Education Champions

Establishing the kind of school that Soul Action has been describing, since it launched its inclusive and equitable quality education campaign a year ago, is a sizable task. As the leadership have thought and prayed about raising resources to the value of £4 million GBP – to establish Early Childhood Development and Primary School facilities over the next 10 years – they have felt led to revisit what made Soul Action what it is today and explore in what ways these ‘past positives’ and ‘present strengths’ might inform the organisations next steps…

Reconnecting locally

All Soul Action had to go on when it’s co-founders Phil and Rachel Bowyer arrived in Durban back in 2007 were a handful of relationships with a few local leaders who suggested that the two of them ought to go and visit ‘F’ ‘G’ and ‘H’ who – in turn – suggested Phil and Rachel should meet ‘I’ ‘J’ ‘K’ and so on. Ten years ago there was no way of knowing this would eventually lead to a city-wide network benefiting 800+ leaders of charities at its peak.

Fast forward 10 years, and although Soul Action already knows there is a need for inclusive and equitable quality education in South Africa, it doesn’t know where to physically locate the first school, or where the partnerships / resources required to establish it are located.

Seeking clarity to these conundrums, Phil and Rachel Bowyer have spent the last few months actively ‘pushing in’ – initiating over 50 meetings with local leaders of business, charity, church and education. At times its been reminiscent of Nehemiah surveying the broken walls of Jerusalem (2:11ff) – only Nehemiah’s transport was horse not petrol powered, and Soul Action doesn’t have a letter from the King promising resources – well, not quite, yet…

There have been lots of promising meetings, including several with the Municipality, after it came to light that there is an Inner City Regeneration Strategy tasked with establishing:

Africa’s leading, most vibrant, liveable and walkable City Centre

Africa’s leading, most vibrant, liveable and walkable City Centre
– a strategy that Soul Action suggests requires inclusive and equitable quality education!



Global Connections

Next year Soul Action intends to throw the net further afield, with an awareness, fundraising and fact-finding trip to Europe, the US and Australasia – planned for April, May and June.

Soul Action is looking to form partnerships with businesses, charities, churches and individuals; people who are willing to offer expertise, finances and time, to build a school that will see South Africa transformed – for good. Wherever you are reading this from, would you consider becoming one of Soul Action’s ‘education champions’ by making a commitment to explore your God given connections – just as Soul Action has in the past (with leaders of charities), and has been lately with an education focus. You never know, you might find that some of the resources that Soul Action is looking for are located in your neighborhood.