From the shallows into the deep

From the shallows into the deep

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During our research-based sabbatical it has been great, and challenging, to take time to consider what God is asking of Phil and I in this next ‘season’ of our lives and work.In the UK we were blessed by being able to participate in the British Assemblies of God annual conference in Bradford (below), and, whilst spending the week with Zac in London, attend one of the evening services with our friends at Soul Survivor Church, Watford.

Nathan Morris at the British Assemblies of God Annual Conference in May.

You are probably wondering what these two separate events have got to do with each other. Well, I (Rachel) believe it was one of those occasions when God was communicating the same message through different people, in different places, at different times – presumably because it was something I really needed to hear and, more importantly, put into action… On the last day of the Assemblies of God Conference (May 10th), Nathan Morris spoke from Luke 5: 1-9, sharing passionately about how when we’re moved by faith, when we know what God is asking of us, we need to move from the shallows and launch in to the deep. In the deep, God encourages us to trust, waiting for obedience and looking for commitment. And, where commitment is accompanied by action, then supernatural provision follows. Ten days later, on Pentecost Sunday (May 20th), we were at Soul Survivor in Watford, where Mike Pilavachi spoke on….you guessed it – moving from the shallows in to the deep. A coincidence – I don’t think so. Mike shared the different emotions we can experience as we move from the shallows, to being a bit deeper, to when the waters are half-way up, to when we are fully immersed. Like Nathan Morris, Mike highlighted how God wants us to move to the deep, and to be fully committed, as this is where we can make the most difference. We need to be prepared to take our feet off the bottom, to not be in control, and to trust fully.

May 27th – an opportunity to reflect on Luke 5, in the shallows of Lake Gennesaret, Galilee.

God was challenging me, in my context, to fully commit to establishing the school in Durban, and everything that following God in the ways of Jesus means for me in South Africa. I thought I had already committed, but on reflection, after hearing Nathan and Mike, I realised there was something that I still wanted control over, which I needed to let go of in order to really move in to the deep and fully trust in God. Challenging but very necessary.Why not take some time to think and reflect on your own context. What does moving from the shallows in to the deep mean for you? What might be preventing you from launching in to the deep? Consider what you might need to do to fully commit.

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