February 2013

As the 2012 school year grew to a close in December, Soul Action’s Rachel Bowyer and staff from the Foundation phase at Zwakele Primary School met to reflect on how the phonics program had worked during the academic year.  At that meeting the educators spoke about their need for support in helping the children develop greater phonological awareness. So in February Rachel hosted a workshop for 19 educators from the Foundation phase.  During the session we:

  • considered the meanings of the terms syllable, onset and rime, phoneme, alliteration and phonological awareness
  • looked at the theory on how children develop phonological awareness, looking at the different stages
  • considered how we can use rhymes with children to develop phonological awareness – the benefits for children whose second language is English
  • thought and wrote a list of the rhymes the staff knew and shared these with one another
  • categorised the rhymes
  • looked at the elements of using rhymes, i.e. how to choose, introduce
  • practically worked through what can be taught through a rhyme children know well

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