Following your instinct

Following your instinct

This week I (Rachel) facilitated a workshop for the Grade R and Grade 1 teachers we are working with this year.  The workshop focussed on activities the teachers could facilitate to support the learners to develop an awareness of sounds, and in order to cover all the necessary skills the workshop was split in to three sections.

Well, with half an hour left until the workshop needed to be bought to a close we were only just finishing the first section – thinking about identifying sounds in words orally.


I needed to make a decision, should I try and cover the next part of the workshop, remembering that there were still two areas that needed to be covered, or bring it to a close.

My instinct told me that the teachers had reached their limit for the afternoon, they had participated well, practising and thinking about the skills the children could develop through the activities.

But my head told me I needed to get through the material.

What do you think I did? Followed my instinct or my head?

Unfortunately I went with what my head was telling me and tried to fill the time with more activity.  But the teachers really hadn’t got the energy to do anymore.  Lots of new activities had been introduced and the teachers had reached their capacity for the day.  I should have gone with my instinct and known when to stop.

Lesson learnt – trust your instinct.

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