Feelings matter

Feelings matter

Wanting to make improvements to behaviour and practice should be a normal part of life.
So why is it that people sometimes appear reluctant when it comes to change?
Is it because change and improvement involves feelings?

Emotions are necessary for change to happen as Davies and Brighouse explain (2008, p.129) ‘Without emotion we would have no capacity to change’. But do we always consider how people feel about change?

School leadeIMG_3151rs have been considering how to support, mentor and motivate staff by using three strategies; recognition and encouragement, professional development and goal setting with feedback. During a workshop leaders identified how staff feel when they receive praise and when areas for further improvement are identified. Normally positive feelings are experienced when people are praised, whereas people can experience feelings of apprehension, nervousness, irritation etc. when areas for further improvement are shared.

Therefore we need to consider how to give constructive feedback so people have positive feelings and attitudes towards change and areas for development.

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