Siyathola Course

Siyathola Course

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Soul Action’s Siyathola Course, based on material by Tearfund, is an exciting process of encouraging and supporting communities to analyse their own situations and to take steps to work together to make changes for the better. It aims to mobilise the local church to act as a facilitator in mobilising the community to address their own needs. It is about envisioning and empowering community members to identify and respond to their own needs, rather than meeting needs for them – working with rather than for the community.

Basic course structure

Discovery involves six key steps which are in the form of toolkits of practical learning resources.

1. Celebrating who we are and where we live – This is an important first step as it seeks to start with things that people can celebrate and feel good about. The purpose is to help a group reflect on what they can build on.

2. Understanding the needs of the community – This helps participants establish an overview of the needs in the community so that they can prioritise and take time to understand the root causes and symptoms of specific problems.

3. Gathering specific information on community needs – Through the course we’ll introduce you to a range of practical tools designed to look in more depth at the priorities indentified in step 2 so as to have a clearer idea of the response needed

4. Dreaming dreams and mobilising communities – This step creates the opportunity to think creatively around a problem and come up with alternative solutions before deciding on a specific solution and project plan

5. Planning for action – This steps seeks to turn the dream into a practical plan which can be used to guide the project. It contains practical tools for planning and monitoring and evaluation

6. Organising ourselves and building a team – The final step involves a range of practical tools for team building and organising those involved in delivering the project. It also raises awareness of legal issues.

Further information

Soul Action’s next Siyathola Course will run from October 2009, over nine months, meeting once every six weeks.

Key dates: the six sessions will take place on:

  • discoveryWednesday October 28th 2009
  • Wednesday December 9th 2009
  • Wednesday January 27th 2010
  • Wednesday March 10th 2010
  • Wednesday April 22nd 2010
  • Wednesday June 2nd 2010

Download: course details, information and an application form here.

If you’d like to attend the course please contact us at .

We look forward to seeing you there!

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