As part of our leaders gathering in August we considered the value and benefits of evaluation.

Evaluation has a direct link to our aims and objectives.  With clearScreenshot 2016-08-30 15.38.12
aims and objectives in place we can evaluate our activity in relation to its impact.

‘Charities Evaluation Services’ have developed a tool to support organisations in identifying their aims and objectives (see right).  As a planning tool it helps organisations consider what they do (objectives), why they are doing it (specific aim) and what they
hope to achieve (overall aim) by doing it. For more
information go to http://www.ces-vol.org.uk/

So calculating / judging the amount, importance, quality or value of an activity, choice or thing, helps us to evaluate and ‘stay on track’.

Many of us can get so busy with different activities but do they all help us to achieve our overall aim?

Sometimes we need to take time to reflect, to evaluate, to ensure our activities actually help in achieving our aim; the mission that God has called us to.

There are so many benefits of evaluation. Evaluation helps us to reflect on how, if and why things are working. It helps us to identify areas which need tweaking. It helps us to adapt when contexts change. It helps us to focus our work on what is really important. It helps us to become aware of unintended outcomes.

In summary evaluation helps to (i) identify what has changed, (ii) change that is still required & (iii) recognise where to focus to stay on track.

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