Equity & Equality

Whilst Soul Action welcomes welfare activities – as one way to serve ‘the poor’ – we also recognise that we are called to live and work alongside people to empower and enable them to be the architects of their own change, rather than imposing solutions upon them.

Soul Action believes everyone has potential – from every culture, gender, race, or socioeconomic background – and therefore everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.

As well as platforms to develop knowledge, understanding, and skills, Soul Action aims to facilitate space that provides opportunities for people to grow in wisdom, stature and favour with God and people – holistically (Lk 2:52).

We seek to encourage and support life-long learning, by providing space to develop knowledge, understanding and skills, which are necessary to fulfill aspirations that are relevant to today’s society, opportunities which enable each people to make a positive contribution through active participation.