Equip training – planning & preparation

Equip training – planning & preparation

This year we’re gathering 40 leaders connected to the Soul Action Network that work with children and youth. In February we focussed on creativity. At the last session on May 27th we looked at planning & preparation in a way that encourages creativity.

The teaching element of May’s Equip highlighted how children’s attention span is limited when purely listening, and that active learning methods are vital in helping children to pay attention and learn. Leaders recognised that learning must be active, imaginative and creative and for this to happen thorough planning is absolutely crucial!

As the key aim of the session was for people to develop skills in planning multi-sensory lessons a template was introduced which included:

  • Way In – an opening game or activity that links in to the theme of the session
  • Teaching – on the subject
  • Work it out – activity / s to help the children understand the teaching

In small groups leaders had the opportunity to work together to plan a session on a theme which included all of the above. They were encouraged to think creatively and to consider how to cater for different learning styles.


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