Entrepreneurial Development Focus Group – June 2015

Entrepreneurial Development Focus Group – June 2015

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The Entrepreneurial Development Focus Group gathered on the 17th June to continue discussion around Entrepreneurial Development. We had some new attendees who brought different perspectives to the discussions.

The business training that exists does not seem to be fulfilling the needs of community traders or NPOs. We may gather a group together to look at this and start to develop a training curriculum.

We also spent a lot of time talking about how we work with communities to ensure we are empowering individuals instead of disempowering.

In summarising the discussion we realised we had come up with a list of values that were important to us. Anything we plan as a group needs to adhere to these values.

  • Sustainability
  • People not units of production
  • Community
  • Local markets
  • External markets
  • Capacity building
  • Creative potential
  • Restoration
  • Christian identity
  • Biblical values and principles
  • Relevance (needs)

What is the role of facilitation? Empowering instead of disempowering

These are challenging discussions as they force us to think about how we work and review the way we have ‘always done things’.

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