Enterprise Development Focus Group

Enterprise Development Focus Group

edfgThere are a number of organisations in the Soul Action Network who are involved in enterprise development/entrepreneurial development in the communities they work in. We gathered a few of these organisations together in March to connect, celebrate successes and identify challenges they are experiencing.

Each person had a chance to share who they are, what organisation they work for, what they do and something they are passionate about in their work. This was a great opportunity to see what people are already doing and share stories and passions with each other.

It is always good to reflect on what is going well. To do this, we built a celebratory wall with each brick stating an aspect of our work that that we wished to celebrate. It was interesting how ‘relationships’ came up a number of times in various forms.

We used post-it-notes to jot down the challenges we were experiencing. We shared them with each other and grouped those that were similar. A big challenge was the need for healthy communities that would then become the consumer base for businesses. This also related to mindsets and beliefs that are holding people and communities back from being all they can be. We spoke a lot about church awakening/mobilisation and the need for the church to arise and become involved. The need for more places to sell products was highlighted. Poor education was also flagged as a challenge as some business people do not have the necessary basic maths and literacy skills to run their business.

We will meet again in April to think about these challenges and listen to God on possible solutions.

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