Enterprise Development Focus Group

Enterprise Development Focus Group

The Enterprise Development Focus Group gathered in April to connect with each other and with God around the topic of entrepreneurial development. This meeting built on the foundation of challenges shared in our first meeting in March. The challenges could be divided into two groups: those related to community development like mind sets and beliefs and more practical challenges facing entrepreneurs. This meeting we focussed on the more practical challenges and potential solutions.

We started off by sharing about an entrepreneur we admired and why. It was good to start the meeting from this positive outlook.

dfgGod has a plan and we would like to join with His mission and so we spent time ‘listening to God’ and what He wanted to say to us. Some of the points shared were around having a focus and starting small which will then overflow into other areas. God encouraged us that He has a plan and will show us the way. People need hope and a new vision. The desire to see people move from being a bush in the desert to a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.

We took some time to reflect on challenges being faced and the possibilities and potential to solve these challenges. The first area looked at was having outlets for entrepreneurs to sell their products and a variety of options were shared. We also looked at possible government/municipal departments that could help. The need for business training and product development were also discussed.

This gave us a very good base on which to build at the next meeting.

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