Enjoying teaching

Enjoying teaching


The reading volunteers we are working alongside this year are enjoying their role in supporting children to develop reading skills.   During a time of reflection they highlighted how they enjoy:

  • The reaction from the children when they facilitate reading activities
  • The level of participation the activities require
  • The interaction between the children and themselves
  • Using the different resources

IMG_3089They also noted how they are enjoying the work due to the skills they are developing in planning and structuring activities and lessons.  It is fantastic that both the volunteers and the children are enjoying the activities as Crook et. al (2008, p.41) emphasise how, “Enjoyment enables young learners to sustain their energy and focus with happiness” which can have a positive impact on achievement.

Reference:  Crook, E., Brice Heath, S., Lunt, J. and Whelan, K. (2008) Finding Enjoyment, Gaining Achievement, Doncaster: darts.

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