Education is a lifelong process

Education is a lifelong process

Education is not just the acquiring of knowledge and skills while you are in school or studying at university or college.  It is a lifelong process or journey.

As adults, we learn through acquiring new knowledge and skills, trying out new experiences and challenging ourselves to overcome new things.  Recently Soul Action facilitated a workshop on developing phonological awareness with crèche teachers.  Previous workshops this year focused on some of the steps to phonological awareness: sound discrimination, word awareness and rhyme and alliteration.  This workshop focused on the next step: syllable awareness.

Each workshop we facilitate begins with reflection on the activities the educators attempted from the steps covered in the previous workshop, in this case rhyme and alliteration.  It was so exciting to see how some of the educators had taken on board what they had been exposed to in the previous workshop and were applying it.  These educators realised that alliteration was an aspect of phonological development they found a challenge.  During classroom visits they gained a better understanding of what alliteration is.  They then made resources and facilitated activities to help the learners grasp this new concept.  All around a win for everyone. This is education at its best, successful learning for everyone.

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