Assessment – November 2015

Assessment – November 2015

Alongside evaluating the phonics program, all the  children who have benefited from the English phonics program were assessed on a 1:1 basis during November. This was a mammoth undertaking as it meant 1,377 children needed to be assessed by their teachers with the fabulous support of two volunteers. The data gathered during assessment meant we could highlight the areas where the children were excelling  & identify areas where further work may be necessary.

I thought I would share the data from  one particular school I have worked alongside. The children have benefited from the program for the full two years, developing a knowledge of sounds, blends and digraphs and applying this knowledge to the reading and spelling of words.

The graphs below illustrate that the children have made good progress and are able to read and spell simple words with sounds.

Screenshot 2016-01-22 12.37.00

When the children move on to reading and spelling words with digraphs (for example ‘ai’ in rain, or ‘igh’ in bright) it gets a lot more tricky.  For  children whose first language is isiZulu digraphs are a weird concept.  But from looking at the data it is clear to see that the children have made excellent progress during the year.

Overall I am very pleased with the level the children are functioning at.  As the children move in to their next class in 2016, the teachers can build on the knowledge developed, encouraging the children to apply their phonetic knowledge to the reading and spelling of multisyllabic words.

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