ECD Program 2015 – The Impact of Monitoring

ECD Program 2015 – The Impact of Monitoring

A key part of the ECD program is the monitoring that takes place after each training session. I have witnessed, and know for myself, that although passionate about the training topic with no follow up or accountability put in place few people put what has been learnt or discovered into practice. The role of our ECD monitor, who visits the crèche teachers after each training session, is therefore imperative to the success of the program.

In our training sessions we always demonstrate and model practical activities, skills and tools that the teachers can take away and do with the children in their crèches to encourage holistic growth. One of our sessions in August focused on the importance of co-operative and pretend play to help children develop social skills. We demonstrated different play activities which the ECD teachers could lead or provide for their children.


When our ECD Monitor visits the crèches in the week following the training she expects to see how the teachers have taken the resources and ideas and put them into practice with the children they work with. The monitor then encourages the teacher by pointing out 5 things that she observes them doing well as they lead the activity. This boosts their self esteem and confidence and helps them to see that they are capable of doing activities which previously may have felt too hard. It also can sometimes be difficult for the teachers to apply what they have learnt in training to their crèche setting. This time with the monitor therefore gives an opportunity for the teachers to talk about these issues and seek advice or re assurance on how to lead an activity. It is great to see the impact of these visits and the children growing and developing through the activities the teachers are facilitating.


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