Drilling Down

Drilling Down

February 2012


In January 2012 Rachel and I were delighted to welcome one of our best friends to the Soul Action, not just because we like her, but she also happens to have a real heart and gift for children’s and family work. A number of years ago God had spoken to me (Phil) about “drilling down” – those who’ve been following us for a while may recall me talking about this in an early update. One of those areas we felt God saying we needed to see more impact was children and family work, so you can imagine what began to go through our minds when Clare visited us in 2009, came for 3 months in 2010, before finally moving to Durban last year.

She may have taken her time getting here, but when she arrived we encouraged her to do nothing until she’d visited as many people, projects and churches as possible to identify their resources and needs, discern what God’s doing and how she might join in His mission in Durban. I say encouraged, but actually we insisted, since similar research carried out by Rachel and I in 2007/08 has become very much part of Soul Action’s ‘DNA’ & laid the foundation for all the connecting with God and others we do today.

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