Diverse Education

As a school, we are committed to a culture that makes room for, embraces, and celebrates diverse thinking, disciplines / subjects, and backgrounds.

We welcome staff and families who long to develop deeper appreciation, respect, and understanding, through the mutual exchange of ideas about the past, present and future. Diverse experiences, skills, and viewpoints – where there is freedom to voice, test, and (re)form them – stimulate the levels of creative problem solving and critical thinking your child requires in the 21st Century; where the facts are often unclear and the future is unwritten.

Where is the future? Where does the “new” reside? We will find the future in places where new forms of human coexistence, participation, and co-participation are tried out….It is necessary for us to learn this unity in diversity, and this diversity in unity’

Cagliari P., 2012. One city, many children: Reggio Emilia, a history of the present, p. 45.