Soul Action’s Network gathered again on August 1st, this time with the aim of enabling members to learn more about each other, and to begin to consider possible areas for collaboration. Each project or church was asked to write a sentence about themselves, explaining what they are passionate about.

As we started the morning together we used these statements to help people to connect. Each individual was given a list of all the sentences and asked to find the project / church they referred to. Everyone learnt a lot about the kind of activities happening throughout Durban

Nox, a local pastor, shared some thoughts on the body of Christ, how God created us each uniquely and with potential to do the things we were created for, but since we’re all different, we all need each other. She explained how 1 Cor. 12 talks about how we’re made to compliment each other and bring transformation to a ‘messy’ world.

To explore this, each project / church was invited to build a representation of their DNA, choosing from a selection of coloured hexagons, each colour representing a different area of focus, i.e. children and youth, education, HIV / Aids, along with straws and sticky tape.


Individuals were encouraged to connect with others with the same, and then different colours represented in their DNA. We spent time asking God who we should connect with further, and people were encouraged to fix a time to meet. We’re looking forward to hearing what God’s been doing as people have listened and taken the next step.

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