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On Wednesday we facilitated a workshop on behaviour management at a primary school in collaboration with ‘City Celebration’. ‘City Celebration’ is a creative and professional organization which uses dance to impact the lives of children and young adults in and around Durban. They work alongside the school where the workshop was facilitated on a regular basis and desire to see children find a sense of belonging, build social and confidence skills, receive creative movement classes and have fun in a safe environment.

The workshop was attended by all the staff from the school and they:

  • considered how their culture impacts the way they discipline children
  • discussed what the research says about how to discipline children
  • thought of ideas of how to reward children and encourage good behaviour


The staff participated in lively discussions, it was so encouraging to see teachers grappling with real issues and considering how best to manage behaviour to enable children to flourish.

Next week we will gather again to give staff the opportunity to make a tool to encourage good behaviour and then to consider strategies to deal with children who have more serious behaviour difficulties.

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