June 2010

On Thursday June 3rd 2010 we presented certificates to all the Grade 4 children at Amaoti 3 School who had taken part in the literacy programme since the beginning of the year. As a team we decided it was important to present certificates as a way of developing self-esteem and to celebrate the progress the children had made. We planned to have a small event with the Grade 4’s that had taken part in the programme, but when I spoke to one of the educators she felt is was important to present the certificates at a whole school assembly. Rachel arrived at the school on June 3rd to find all the children and educators outside. Rachel spoke to the principal and discovered that they were talking to the children about human trafficking. The children were been told a really important message, with the World Cup there are real dangers to our children. After this we presented the certificates and took photos. For some children this was the first time that they had received a certificate. We will continue to work with these Grade 4 children to develop their reading and spelling skills after the winter holidays.


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