Celebration [Part 1]

Celebration [Part 1]

Recently at a meeting I was reminded of the importance of celebration. Celebrating success and identifying where progress has been made can help keep us motivated.

So at our last workshop with the Grade 3 teachers we have been working alongside this year we started by celebrating the achievements of the program. Each teacher was asked to write on a balloon what they and the learners had achieved in relation to the phonics program during the year.


Below is a summary of what the educators highlighted they and / or the learners had achieved and wanted to celebrate:

  • As educators they enjoy teaching phonics
  • Appreciated guidance from support staff
  • Educators grateful they had been provided with the resources to teach the program
  • Educators like using the picture cards to introduce teaching points
  • Educators and learners developed pronunciation skills
  • Educators and learners developed understanding of the difference between sounds, blends and digraphs
  • Learners developed listening skills
  • Learners able to blend sounds to read words
  • Fluency in children’s reading developed
  • Learners developed skills to spell and write words
  • Learners find the phoneme frame useful when spelling words

It was encouraging for all involved to take some time to think about how much progress had been made during the year and celebrate together.
Why not take some time to think about your aims and celebrate progress in relation to this.

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