Celebration [Part 2]

Celebration [Part 2]

In my last blog I communicated how we had encouraged the teachers we are working with to celebrate their own achievements. Well, in our Soul Action team meeting this week we spent some time sharing our own celebration stories.

I shared in relation to the workshop with the Grade 3 teachers we had facilitated during the same week. At that workshop we had introduced new teaching techniques, these methods were modelled and the teachers had time in small groups to practise developing the appropriate skills. But both Diane and I left the workshop feeling concerned. New teaching skills had been introduced late in the school year. Was there enough time to support the teachers to enable each one to apply the practices to their contexts?

Well… when we went to facilitate support visits a couple of days after the workshop we were so encouraged. The teachers were doing fantastically, they were able to apply the teaching techniques they had developed at the workshop to their classroom context.

The teachers are so eager to try new things and develop – we were enthused by their attitudes.


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