Celebrating the 2014 Program

Celebrating the 2014 Program

Since the beginning of this year we have been working with Grade 2 educators from 6 schools within a community. Our aim is to provide relevant professional development to enable educators to teach phonics effectively. To enable this to happen we have been facilitating workshops on a termly basis and supporting educators in their classrooms.

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In October we gathered the educators together to celebrate the achievements of the program – both their achievements as educators and the achievements of the children in their classes.

It was such a privilege to be able to listen to the educators as they shared how they felt they and the children had developed during the year as a result of the phonics program. The areas they wanted to celebrate include:

  • the development of skills to teach English
  • the use of different teaching methods to teach English – making learning easy and fun
  • knowledge of sounds, blends and digraphs in the English language
  • receiving of resources to support in the teaching of English
  • support given through visits
  • development of understanding of how to mentor peers
  • excellent workshops
  • relevant assessment
  • children’s increased vocabulary
  • children’s progress in reading and writing

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The educators have made incredible progress in teaching phonics during this year. They are now teaching well structured, multi-sensory lessons catering for different learning styles. It is exciting as these educators will take responsibility for the teaching of the program next year without our support. They are a little bit hesitant but we truly believe they are ready.

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