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Creativity with Colour

When you buy a product, what do you think about when making your choice?
Colour, quality, does it fit the need/function……?

These are some of the things crafters need to take into account when they are making products to sell. Let’s focus on COLOUR:

Colours trend. Just as people, products, clothing etc. are in vogue so certain colours are ‘in’ for that season. It is important for crafters to be aware of local and global trends.



Colours can also either complement each other or clash.  A colour wheel guides us to see which colours enhance each other and which detract.

We can also explore different shades of the same colour.  Light pink, dusky pink and cerise pink can work together to enhance a product.  Have a look at these clever colour wheels that show which colours can be put together.

Have a go! Have some fun!  Explore different colour options in your craft, clothing, decor etc. I would love to see the results …. Email me photos at

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