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As we approached the end of the school year, the literacy team took the time to assess each child involved in the program on an individual basis (we do this three times during the school year). It is vitally important to regularly take the time to assess the children, to check the progress they are making, and so we as a literacy team can make the appropriate tweaks to the program, in order for the children to develop the relevant skills.

The Grade 2 learners (in the first year of the program) have developed knowledge of letter sounds and blends, using these to read and spell simple words. All the children from the 3 schools we work alongside in Amaoti had made great progress. They’re now able to use the knowledge and skills to read sentences. The graphs below show the progress children at one of the schools have made. The pink group are the children performing above average, the blue group are the children performing at an average level, and the yellow group are the children who struggle.


Graphs showing the progress made with the Grade 2 learners

With Grade 3 learners we have built on the knowledge and skills learnt in Grade 2, developing knowledge of vowel digraphs & split vowel digraphs. The children are encouraged and given many opportunities to apply this knowledge to the reading of texts. Children enjoy reading in English and are showing a good understanding of the texts. The graphs below show the progress children at one of the schools have made.


Graphs showing the progress made with the Grade 3 learners

Through this process, we’ve highlighted spelling as an area of concern. The graphs show that children’s progress in spelling isn’t in line with their reading skills. This is an area that needs attention; we’ve identified that they struggle to hear vowel sounds & distinguishing between vowel sounds ‘a’ and ‘e’. As we move into 2014, we will ensure that further work is done with the children to help develop these skills. If you have any suggestions on how we can do this, I would love to hear from you – please send me an email

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