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Youth for Christ KZN

Youth for Christ works with children and youth coming from and living in at-risk environments. Through the various projects, the aim is to give HOPE as we present young people with opportunities for their holistic development (mental, social, physical and spiritual). A key aspect of the work of YFC/KZN is to live, serve and preach Christ to youth in a way that is real, accessible and relevant.


1 Alan Paton Avenue, Pietermaritzburg / 1280 Umgeni Road, Durban.

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Exciting news! The 'Julia Donaldson and Friends' broadcast is back for a new series and this week's book will be The Magic Paintbrush.

Tune in to The Gruffalo Facebook page on Thursday at 4pm GMT to see a performance of The Magic Paintbrush from Edinburgh Fringe Festival and watch Joel draw Shen, one of the main characters from this book!