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Customer Relationship Management – In Contact

James Cochrane is the social entrepreneur – and your point of contact – behind, ‘In-contact’  “…a web service that combines multiple functionality into one database, specifically targeting NPOs and churches.”

In-contact offers a cloud based solution with local support. It can keep detailed records and history of donors, recipients and volunteers.

Features include:

·        Send emails or newsletters to groups, with an unsubscribe option, and tracking

·        Send SMSes to individuals and/ or groups, with tracking

·        Invite people to events, with acceptance, declined, attendance and follow up features

·        Track donations, with options to allocate them, and generate tax certificates

·        Track projects

“Typically these organizations utilize separate web services for bulk email, bulk sms and event planning, whilst maintaining spreadsheets for contact information and others for donations and manually producing tax certificates. Keeping these databases in sync and up to date is difficult and effects the ability to keep consolidated information about sponsors. Without detailed history and accurate profiles sponsor knowledge and targeting is affected. In Contact strives to remove this complexity so that sponsor communication is optimized to maximize revenue.

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