Learning from School Visits

Recently, whilst in Johannesburg, Rachel was able to visit two schools, both developing innovative models of education. Streetlight school, located in a community housing area, operates from the ground floor of a block of flats.  The school started in 2016 from a desire to provide quality education for the community. The school is currently for 5 to 7s. Parents pay minimal school fees making it...

Deeper Connections

It is 2 years since we decided to intentionally gather leaders one month, and meet them one on one the next. As a staff team, it has been a privilege to see new depths of intimacy and change emerge, especially via one on one’s. Our next task, we feel, is to find ways to facilitate deeper relationships between leaders themselves. We made a start at our most recent gathering, by exploring three aspe...

Education is a lifelong process

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Education is not just the acquiring of knowledge and skills while you are in school or studying at university or college.  It is a lifelong process or journey. As adults, we learn through acquiring new knowledge and skills, trying out new experiences and challenging ourselves to overcome new things.  Recently Soul Action facilitated a workshop on developing phonological awareness with crèche teac...