Call2Compassion and Justice Global Conference 2015

Call2Compassion and Justice Global Conference 2015

Reflections on our first global conference, which gathered over 160 delegates from Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, as well as a few from Bangladesh, India, Singapore, the UK and the USA.

call2cjAfter an amazing celebration of local dancing, poetry and singing to kick things off, we hit the ground running by tackling one of the big themes that we have been talking about in our updates leading up to the conference – equity and equality. Through theological reflection, interviews and workshops we questioned how our assumptions impact how we live and work.

“What makes ‘me’ think I deserve more?” GE

On Wednesday delegates took advantage of field trips to a variety of organisations connected to Soul Action’s Network, in what would be a real opportunity to:

“Place a megaphone in front of what God is doing through Durban-based ministries and enable others to hear His call, share His vision and be equipped to take action in their settings.” DW

Creative prayer rooms provided space for delegates to reflect on the project visits. The intimate moments with God were the highlights of the week for me and the team. Through worship and ministry, God intervened cross-culturally to speak to His front-line activists, who already convinced of the need to act justly and love mercy, were refreshed by hearing the voice of the One under whose direction they are called to walk humbly.


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