Business Gathering

Business Gathering

bg1NPC versus Co-operative; location, location, location; market research …. These are some of the topics discussed at the latest Business Gathering. NPO leaders who work with crafters in their communities getting together to explore the possibility of a collaborative shop.

So what is a co-operative shop? We spent time sharing what we felt the co-operative will be. These were our thoughts:

An upmarket retail space that shares a common vision to bring hand crafted goods to market and by doing so acting as a conduit to take resources back into the community from which the goods came. A retail space with creative displays where goods can be viewed valued and sold to the public. Through collaboration the costs, responsibility, challenges and successes are shared. A place that is stronger by the variety of products and people involved who all bring their own creativity and flavour. The whole is truly greater than the parts.

The shop will impact the wider community by providing a usable ‘face’ for the people and will be unapologetic and ethical in all it does.

bg2Over the next month we will research the legal options of NPC versus Co-operative and find out more about possible locations. We are meeting again in September to continue this conversation and start to get down to some of the more nitty gritty details of running the shop.

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