Bringing Change

Bringing Change

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I have had the privilege of working alongside a group of leaders who work within the education sector this year.   Through facilitating workshops and support visits the leaders have developed skills in;

  • planning and carrying out assessment that is appropriate
  • supporting, mentoring and motivating staff
  • giving staff feedback which recognises achievement and highlights areas for further improvement
  • planning, preparing and facilitating professional development

From listening to each leader I have realised that even though they encounter many challenges, they have a great desire to bring change in their contexts. Bringing change has been an overriding theme through everything we have explored together but we have never purely focused on change.

So, during our last workshop for the year we explored ‘Bringing Change’; why it is necessary, barriers to change, how people respond to change and how to lead and manage people through a change process.


With a knowledge of the emotions involved in change and through exploring models of the change process leaders are now in a more informed position. When bringing change they will be able to apply the understanding they have developed, getting people on the bus, supporting people and getting them sitting in the right place.

All of the leaders developed an action plan for 2017
including details of the change they want
to bring and how they will
achieve this.

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