BEST Business Training

BEST Business Training

bbt1We started the year by hosting the BEST Business Training over four days in January. The training involves two days of workshops, a ten day practical where the entrepreneurs start their own business with a small start-up loan, followed by another two days of workshops.

The training covered topics such as the basic business cycle, managing risk, cash flow, record keeping, supply and demand, pricing, wholesale and retail, negotiation skills, business planning, expanding your product range.


bbt3We had nine eager participants who were fully engaged in the training which revolves around a detailed business game. Each day the challenges increase and with it the learning curve. The participants are divided into teams who take it in turn to be manufacturers and retailers over the four days. The teams engaged well with each other and learnt the importance of building good relationships in business.

Each day also included a devotional where we looked at what the Bible says about business and how we treat other people. The entrepreneurs were particularly impacted by these sessions. God should be part of our business and our business planning.

bbt4For the practical, each entrepreneur was given R50 to start their own business. Sifiso made the most profit over the practical. Well done, Sifiso. Each participant also received a certificate at the end of the training.

The training was a great success and we look forward to hosting further training in the future.


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