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Fast Fashion

Maybe its just my perception, but recently there seems to have been a lot reported in the news in regards to how our spending habits are negatively impacting our planet. Fast fashion – ‘fast’ because it speeds up the lag between cat walk and consumer, by manufacturing and selling clothes cheaply – is promoting an […]

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Re-positioning the Curriculum

In feeding-back findings from our world-wide research into child-centred inquiry-based approaches to education, we were asked which curriculum we are planning to use. Some parent-carers have concerns that the South African curriculum is not rigorous enough, and that it is not supporting children to develop skills they need to thrive in the 21st century; skills […]

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Parenting and Education

January is upon us, and within the next couple of weeks, children in South Africa will start to embark on a new school year (our school year runs from January to December). But what are our responsibilities as parent/s? How can we have a positive influence on our children’s education? What kind of environment can […]

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