Soul Action

In search of life-giving spaces

When you picture a life-giving space what do you imagine? Take a few minutes to reflect, and maybe jot down some of your thoughts. In pondering on this question I (Rachel) have been taking some time to identify moments in the past week when I have felt part of a life-giving space; places where I […]

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Making Learning Visible

Documentation Documentation is a key feature of the Reggio Emilia Approach to teaching and learning; a pedagogy we had the opportunity to experience first hand last year, in Italy and beyond.Documentation is a way of making children’s learning visible; it often includes notes of the children’s actions, conversations, and comments – usually made by adults, […]

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Fast Fashion

Maybe its just my perception, but recently there seems to have been a lot reported in the news in regards to how our spending habits are negatively impacting our planet. Fast fashion – ‘fast’ because it speeds up the lag between cat walk and consumer, by manufacturing and selling clothes cheaply – is promoting an […]

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