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On ‘living with one foot raised’

As a Christian-led organisation, Soul Action’s objectives are informed by the daily opportunities that our diverse nation presents and our image of a dynamic God, who leads by example in making room for the other along ‘the way’. Whilst we are free to journey in any number of uncharted directions, without any predefined progression or […]

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Serious about Shabbat

In Jerusalem, we were able to experience Shabbat – the Jewish Sabbath – which starts on Fridays at sundown and lasts until Saturday evening, when it is dark and three stars are in the sky.Practically, this means the majority of shops and restaurants are closed. We experienced first-hand how the markets on a Friday afternoon […]

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An intentional community-in-unity, unity-in-community

A ‘Trinitarian vision of God helps us imagine a relational one-anotherness, community-in-unity, unity-in-community, being-in-interbeing, where benevolence toward the other is at home and hostility toward the other is foreign, invasive out of place’ McLaren B. D., 2012. Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World Over the last few months Soul […]

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Just Friends

Soul Action meets, mentors, networks and works with ‘expert’ disruptors – leaders who are operating within business, charity, Church and education sectors – with the aim to establish a more equitable and inclusive South Africa; the kind of society where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their holistic potential.

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