Annual General Meeting 2015

Annual General Meeting 2015

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“In 2014/15 Soul Action prayed more, hosted more gatherings, coordinated more events, started more initiatives, facilitated more training, received more support, employed more staff and worked with more people (700+) and organisations (250+) than ever before…”  That is more or less how I (Phil) opened my Chairperson’s report at last weeks Annual General Meeting, followed by the statement, “…but we are not impressed by ‘more’ – and neither is God – unless its addressing more poverty, by working more holistically and releasing more potential.”

Or as God put it to me, “What the heck are we [Christians] doing?”  It seems that many of our current approaches to addressing the gaps between rich and poor – gaps that are meant to be bridged by the daily outworking of the Christian faith – don’t seem to be working out. I’ve begun to wonder what more needs to change. “What if NPO’s are not the only answer to South Africa’s problems…” was the question I felt God pose as we prayed at one of our final staff meetings in February 2015; quickly followed by another pointed ‘questment’ – “What if Christians are.”


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