img_8189edAt the end of May Soul Action gathered the Network to celebrate the fruits of 2011 – 2012 as part of our AGM.

For some time now we have been feeling that we need to take more time to celebrate.  We serve a mighty God who is doing so many amazing things  here through His people.

After the formal part of our Annual General Meeting we made space for the people who’d gathered to identify what their key fruits were.  Some of the Network’s fruits included:

  • Spread His word – through actions and through words
  • Emmanuel, God is with us
  • Light to the community
  • Relationships with God
  • Love and compassion
  • Creativity
  • Patience

Once we’d thought about fruits we began to think about some of the things that need to go in at the roots in order to sustain and increase growth. In groups people considered what they felt needed to go in at the roots to bear fruit.  People were asked to identify one area which they needed to give more time to – three key themes emerged:

  • Creating space to listen to God, pray, read His word / act
  • Develop character and attitude
  • Build capacity

The need for space to hear from God was the overwhelming desire for the majority of people. We are therefore exploring how to partner with one of the churches in our Network that facilitates a course on how to create space to hear God’s voice and how to act upon that.

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