agm-11-1In August Soul Action held its Annual General Meeting, celebrating the year ending February 2011. The AGM began with an acknowledgement of Soul Action’s ongoing commitment to celebrate what God’s doing, with whom, and a reminder of one of the key questions at the heart of everything Soul Action aims to do – how do we rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal to us where and how we should join God’s mission? We highlighted some of the ways working with others has created opportunities to achieve more, like the city-wide events Soul Action has facilitated in the past few years, and each and every mustard-seedsized connection that people, projects and churches are making daily.



We celebrated the unique gifting and roles God has given us, which – in His wisdom – means no single person, project or church has to – or is meant to – do everything for everyone, but rather work with the rest of the body in a way Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 12:27. Phil shared his excitement about some of the best practice he’d witnessed in 2010 – 2011, and reminded everyone of how important it was to remain open to listening, sharing and learning from and with one another – one of the benefits of being in a body and Network; not that we ought to copy one another, but instead allow ourselves to be inspired by what God’s doing elsewhere through others.

Meeting people, enabling people to meet one another and to connect, has always been central to what Soul Action is about, it’s why we focus so much on networking. Phil shared how in 2010 – 2011 he’d heard God speak about His desire to take relationships in the Network to the point where they could deal with some of the deeper underlying causes of poverty. Feb’s Network Gathering provided a glimpse of how God’s call to ‘drill down’ might look. In an attempt to build on February, the AGM concluded with discussion groups and prayer focused on some of the issues that the projects and churches represented at the meeting felt were affecting people’s growth. The following key issues were highlighted by the majority of people:

  1. Reimagining activity: Encouraging empowerment, leadership and participation, etc.
  2. Reimagining self: Addressing issues of identity, image and self esteem, etc.
  3. Reimagining the future: Nurturing dreams, purpose and vision, etc.


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