Developing skills to facilitate word awareness activites

Developing skills to facilitate word awareness activites

In March we organised the second workshop for the group of Grade R and Grade 1 teachers we are working alongside this year. We are supporting the fourteen teachers so they can facilitate multi-sensory activities so the children develop phonological skills in their home language (skills to enable the children to read and write in isiZulu). The teachers appeared relaxed and there was a good atmosphere in the room.

This workshop focussed on giving the teachers the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills of activities they could facilitate to support the children to develop word awareness skills and to play with words.

As a way-in the teachers were asked to reflect on the previous workshop and what they had learnt. Within the feedback the teachers referred to the terminology introduced, learning styles and activities to develop general sound skills. Through this we were able to revise with the teachers the stages children progress through in developing phonological skills. Importantly the teachers took time to reflect on the stages and identify where their learners are at in developing phonological skills.


In small groups the teachers spent time thinking of multi-sensory activities they could facilitate to help the children develop skills so they can identify words. The teachers shared their ideas and three new activities were demonstrated. The educators had time to develop the appropriate resources and practise facilitating the activities.


Later this month we will be visiting the Grade R teachers to support them in applying what they learnt during the workshop to the classroom context.

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