Vision and Values

1. Excellence:

Soul Action believes that high quality education increases the opportunities that every child should have to make a positive contribution to society, to have better job prospects and to have economic independence. In contrast “…inequalities in terms of school quality can undermine efforts to reduce earnings and income inequality” (Branson et al. 2012, p.12).


2. Holistic and multi-sensory:

Research shows that, “If we provide a variety of pathways for learning to occur, we are more likely to reach all students and each is more likely to grasp the concept” (Knowledge to Action Guide, 2014). As well as a platform to develop knowledge, understanding and skills, the classroom provides opportunities to grow holistically, “…in wisdom, and in stature and in favour with God and people” (Lk 2:52). Since all children learn differently, our multi-sensory approach caters for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.


3. Affordable:

In response to South Africa’s current education system, which, “…dictates that if you’ve got more money, you have a better education” (Dr Gallie, 2015), Soul Action proposes an approach where every child benefits from better education, a new model where the standards are high for everyone, because everyone pays the same percentage of their families’ income – similar to the principle of tithing that operates in many Christian churches.


4. Inclusive and integrated:

Soul Action believes that South African children, from different economic, cultural and racial backgrounds, learning side-by-side in a multicultural school, from a young age, offers a catalyst towards a more integrated society.  As children have the opportunity to learn and understand about different cultures together they can appreciate and develop a respect for each other.

5. Strong leadership:

Soul Action’s co-founder and director, Rachel Bowyer, has over 20 years combined teaching experience, both in the UK and South African education systems. She has a BEd Hons in Music and Mathematics, a Post Graduate qualification to teach adults and children with Specific Learning Difficulties, and a Distinction in Education at Masters level. In 2010 Rachel’s work with non-fee paying government schools was recognised by JET when she received a community Education Award for school-level programmes of excellence.