A new group of teachers

A new group of teachers

Well, on February 2nd we facilitated our first workshop with a group of Grade 3 teachers from six schools and what a pleasure it was. They all responded really well to the activities and were excited about the difference they could make to the children in their classes. One teacher noted:

“These workshops are good, they help us understand our work and our students better.”

The workshop was an introduction to the program exploring:

  • Phonological awareness
  • What children need to learn in relation to phonics
  • Learning and teaching styles

a good start 1

Through the workshop the teachers identified the importance of the teaching of phonics in regards to developing skills to read and write. They were able to develop knowledge of specific subject terminology and how to pronounce sounds in English.

a good start 2

The educators were introduced to three learning styles; visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This was a whole new area to them, through a questionnaire and by reflecting on research they developed an understanding of the need to cater for all learning styles. One of the teachers commented:

“All learning styles should be used to accommodate all learners in a class as they have different learning styles. This should increase the pass rate in schools.”

Next week we will be leading a workshop where these teachers will start to develop the skills necessary to facilitate multi-sensory activities to teach phonics. Want to know how that goes? Read more next week.

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