A Co-operative shop

A Co-operative shop

Screenshot 2016-06-13 16.19.03Over the past few months we have gathered together a group of NPO leaders who empower crafters in their local community through training and mentorship. One of the needs identified has been to have more permanent places to sell their products. Out of this discussion the group decided to begin the process of opening a co-operative shop.

The group met together to identify our mission and aims. We shared what we do, where we do it and why we do it. This discussion led to the following mission and aims:

Situation – we live in a society where the ‘resources’ of its various members have the potential to – and yet do not always – address various forms of cognitive, physical, social and emotional poverty.

Mission – by way of a response, we believe God is calling out catalysts and encouraging us to:

  • Identify and celebrate the resources that exist – sometimes hidden – within each culture
  • Nurture and release the potential each person has to better themselves in a dignified way
  • Facilitate opportunities that establish greater connection / integration between each culture
  • Promote investment in ‘the other’ as a way to live a life that has impact / makes a difference

Aims – we will aim to do so by establishing a collaboratively facilitated retail outlet that will:

  • Showcase local talent(s) by providing a platform to exhibit, sell and buy crafted products
  • Connect the consumer and producer through the use of story / multimedia / experience
  • Educate the producer and consumer on how best to use their resources to benefit the other
  • Honour God’s creation; always paying a living wage and safeguarding the wider environment

We look forward to follow on discussions to take this initiative forward.

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